India's wide choice of adventure sports ranges from the daring to the exotic. A test of skill, toughness, endurance... and always exciting. Choose your kind of adventure - the perennial challenge of the Himalayas for mountaineers, the coniferous forests and flower meadows for the trekker, the rapids of snow-fed rivers for white water rafting, and the lonely stretches of the Thar desert for camel safaris and motor rallies. Your quest for excitement can only lead you to India.

Paragliding scene in India started 7 years ago, though it is now just about gaining popularity. India has immense flying possibilities with Himalayas in the North and the Sahayadri ranges in the west coast. There have been international competitions where distance world records were set. These sites have conditions for both ridge, thermal soaring and ideal cross country routes, almost all the year round except the monsoons.

Paragliding is relatively new in India and as yet there are no such governing / regulatory bodies for the same, though there are a few set-ups for flying / learning. Picturesque hills, misty lakes, lush greenery, pleasant climate and easy accessibility by road / rail.