Beaches in Kerala

By the virtue of having most of India’s finest beaches, Kerala offers surf and sand like no other place. The beaches have a character unique to them due to the wide acres of sumptuous palm groves bordering them. Facilities at the beach include boating, sunbath, swimming, water sports and Yoga. 

Papanasam Beach (Varkala)

This is a holy beach, known as ‘Papanashini’ meaning, that which destroys sins. A narrow winding road leads away from Varkala town, flanked by thousands of palm trees and fertile paddy fields. High cliffs border the excellent beach. Mineral water springs gushing out from these cliffs are well known for their medicinal property.There is a nature cure centre adjacent to the beach. Ancient Janardhana Swamy (Vishnu) temple is near. Visitors can pay homage to Kerala’s saint and social reformer, Sree Narayana Guru.  

Alleppey Beach

This is a long sandy spectacular beach with dense palm groves, that are so characteristic of Kerala’s landscape, at one end. One can cut across the sea waves lashing the shore in passionate fury, or indulge in the luxury of sitting on a sand dune and paddling your feet in the waters. A towering lighthouse overlooks the beach as a symbol of the past. 

Kappad Beach

This is the historic beach where Vasco da Gama landed on 27 May, 1498 with 170 men in three vessels - a site which witnessed an event that changed the course of Indian history.16 km away from Kozhikode (Calicut), the pleasant, calm beach, locally known as Kappakadavu, is studded with rocks and caressed by friendly waves. 

Bekal Beach

Bekal The old-fashioned little town of Kasargode, 153km north of Kozhikode, near the Karnataka border, is principally a fishing community. Flanked on two sides by long, ravishingly beautiful palm fringed beaches, the Bekal Fort stands proud on a promontory. This is one of the largest forts in Kerala and has been under the control of various powers including Vijayanagar, Tipu Sultan and the British. The fort’s commanding position, with views across the bays to the north and the south are breath-taking. 

Shanghumugham Beach

This is a popular city beach lying near to the airport. An indoor recreation club, children's traffic training park and a star shaped restaurant are some of the facilities at the beach.  

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