The Desert Adventure - of glory, grandeur and great heroes

Rajasthan, the golden land of kings, where opulent palaces dot the desert landscape, and even the tiniest settlement stands as a tribute to the omnipotence and omnipresence of the past. An exotic land of valiance and chivalry. A land endowed with invisible forts, magnificent palaces and havelis. Unending hilly ranges and waves of sand dunes and serene lakes.

Land of a people who are brave and chivalrous, around whom were woven, the most amazing legends of romance and heroism.  

Rajasthan, an ancient land of princes, palaces and preening peacocks, is renowned for its great monuments, exquisite art and culture, that date back to several centuries. There is a haunting air of romance, about the state, which is palpable in its every nook and corner. The shimmering, mysterious Thar desert simply mesmerises the onlooker. One visit is not enough to capture the real essence of this magical land. You will, we assure you, keep coming back for more. 

Rajasthan with its inexhaustible historical wealth, brilliant architecture and bewitching landscape, is an unparalleled destination, on the tourist map of India. A destination that defies definition. Begin your desert adventure at Jodhpur, a fortress city at the edge of the Thar Desert. Take off to Jaisalmer to savour the sheer magic of its famous golden fortress. Experience the medieval aura that surrounds the royal walled city of Bikaner. The three cities together, provide the key to the essence of this magical desert land. A visit to Rajasthan is a rare, once - in - a - lifetime experience, that eludes description.

The Desert Adventure