There are no restaurant cars on Indian trains but on the premier trains like Rajdhani Express & Shatabdi Express trains, food is included in the train fare and is served at your seat. On the other hand, trains on long distance route, attendants will go to all coaches and ask if you would like to order food (choice of vegetarian and non-vegetarian) . After ½ an hour, he will bring the food in small foil containers from the kitchen car, which is very economical.. 

These attendants regularly pass through you, selling soft drinks, mineral water, snacks, or Indian tea (garam chai) / coffee for a few rupees. 

Each coach has one western toilet and one Indian toilet at one end or in some trains, at both ends. The condition of these toilets is good in 1st AC & Executive Chair car coaches, normal in 2nd AC & AC Chair car and reasonably normal in 3rd AC by Indian standards. 2nd class (non ac sleeper) toilets may be a different matter because toilets are used frequently. 

We suggest to bring your own toilet papers as these are not available easily on the trains. 

Normally, Indian Railways are efficient and trains do run on time. But at many occasions such as during winter season etc, trains do run late many hours rather than minutes specially in North India and Eastern parts of India, due to heavy fog when the visibility drops down to less than 100 meters,. We don’t recommend to travel by train in North India and North East of India during winter season (between 3rd week of Dec till 2nd week of January) by train.       

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