There was a time when people deferred the pilgrimage to char dham or other holy places till their children were all settled or their daughters were married etc. Some pilgrims went so far as to make provisions for their own last rites before setting out on a pilgrimage in the Himalaya because the mountain trails were extremely treacherous and demanding . As far as the facilities along the trails were concerned, they often sank to sub zero.

Over the years, development has given us road right up to many holy temples such as road (only small vehicles like jeep) up to Janaki Chatti, 5 kms before Yamunotri temple, making the trek to the temple much convenient than earlier. Similarly road goes right up to Gangotri & Badridham temples. Development has made the pilgrimage both safe and easy and therefore more and more people young & old wish to go on pilgrimage once in their lifetime. 

Mt Kailash & Manasarovar Lake in Tibet
Char dham
Muktinath in Nepal