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Shivpuri, in the state of Madhya Pradesh, was once the summer capital of the Scindia clan of Gwalior. Prior to that, its thick forests were the hunting grounds of Emperor Akbar. They were home to the tiger, and the site of many a grand shikar, resulting in several big cats being 'bagged' by royal huntsmen. The sylvan surroundings and an other - worldly aura that it exuded, made it the natural choice as the summer resort capital of the Scindias. Shivpuri's royal ambience still lives on in its majestic palaces, hunting lodges, exquisitely adorned chhatries (cenotaphs) built by the Scindias.

Once the playground and retreat of the royalty, today Shivpuri houses a wildlife sanctuary and thus, holds hope for the conservation of the fast depleting animal kingdom. 

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