India - the land of ancient temples and architectural master - pieces. A land revered for its fascinating heritage. 

Follow the temple trail, as it threads its way through the Kanchipuram-Madurai-Tiruchirapalli- Kanyakumari circuit, and discover some of the most memorable forms of temple art and architecture. The Kailasnatha temple at Kanchipuram, with a four-storeyed tower and octagonal shikhara, is a commendable piece of creativity. The Meenakshi Sundareswarar temple at Madurai, and the Rock Fort temple at Tiruchirapalli, the Kumari Amman temple at Kanyakumari are just some of the marvels of temple architecture of South India.

East India, too, is replete with impressive temples. A journey through the temple belt, Bhubaneswar-Puri-Konark, reveals a grand tradition of awesome architecture exhibited in places of worship. 

Some of the places of worship
Temples of Tamil Nadu
Temples of Karnataka
Temples of Orissa
Temples of Maharashtra
Temples of Kerala
Temples of Andhra Pradesh
Temples of Madhya Pradesh
Temples of the Gangetic Plains