Set amidst lush paddy fields, 55 km north of Patna, lies the quiet hamlet steeped in legend, Vaishali. Named after King Visala, it was the capital of the Lichhavis, and is believed to be one of the earliest republics of the world, having an elected body of representatives and an efficient administration, as early as 6th century BC. Vaishali is significant to both Buddhists and Jains. Lord Buddha preached his first sermon, and announced his impending Nirvana, here. To commemmorate the importance of the site, Emperor Ashoka erected one of his famous pillars. Vaishali is also the birthplace of Lord Mahavira. 

One hundred years after the Buddha's 'parinirvana', 700 monks from all over North India, assembled here, to discuss the 10 points of 'vinaya', the rule of conduct, under dispute. Thus, Vaishali became the venue of the second Buddhist council.

Two stupas were erected to recall this event. 

Places To See 

Buddha Stupa 1

Sacred ashes were found enshrined in a casket here.

Buddha Stupa 2

Unearthed in 1958, it, too, contains sacred ashes.

Coronation Tank

A huge reservoir, where the Lichhavi kings were anointed, before being crowned.

Bawan Pokhar Temple

Built in the Pala period, the temple enshrines several Hindu deities.

Chaumukhi Mahadeva

A temple dedicated to Lord Shiva - built of black stone, carved with four faces. 

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