Buddha - the gentle sage, led the world on the path to enlightenment, two thousand five hundred years ago. This circuit is a pilgrim's journey, through the land of Buddha, where he preached his message of compassion, simplicity and renunciation - the places immortalised by the enlightened one. 

The highlight of your journey will be the holy tree at Bodhgaya, under which the Buddha attained enlightenment. Visit Sarnath, where he gave his first sermon, and Kushinagar where he attained Parinirvana. The ruins of Nalanda, still echo with the chants of scholars of ancient times. Vaishali, the site, where he preached his last sermon, and announced his impending Nirvana.

In Sanchi, the Great Stupa, temples and pillars beckon you, to explore the beauty of the Buddhist architecture. The grand finale at Amaravati and Nagarjunakonda in Andhra Pradesh, where you can witness the past glory of this noble religion. 

Your journey promises serenity, self-knowledge, and a deeper understanding of one of the greatest thinkers of India.

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