Indian Railway network is the third largest in the world after Russia & China and the biggest in terms of passenger kilometres. Spread over 63,000 km of rail routes, this massive network is served by almost 7000 railway stations. It transports more than 18.3 million passengers everyday across the country and is the world's biggest employer with more than 1.5 million staff . 

The trains in India go almost everywhere, and it is safe to travel between any two Indian cities. There was no railway route in Kashmir valley till 2007, but a line to Srinagar and further is under construction and will be completed very soon. Train has already been started operating between some of the station in Kashmir valley from beginning of 2008. 

The best way to explore  Incredible India is on the Indian railways network and not at 30,000 feet & above by air. In fact, no visit to India is complete without experiencing a journey short or long on Indian trains and negotiating through busy Indian railway stations.     

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