The travel on trains in India is safe, cost effective and comfortable. There are 7 different class of accommodation available on Indian trains and but not all classes are available in all trains. The 1st AC sleeper class is spacious, comfortable and is available in premium trains and some of the long distance fast trains. It comes in 4 & 2 berth compartment with necessary bedding like, bed sheets, pillow and blankets.1st class AC is expensive in comparison to other classes. These compartments are lockable from inside. During day time, between 8 am to 8 pm, the berths convert to seats. 

The 2nd AC sleeper class coaches are not divided into separate compartments but are open with berths arranged in row of four (two upper, two lower berths) on one side of the aisle, and two (one upper & one lower berth) on other side of the aisle. Each sect of seats is separated by a curtain for privacy. Each compartment on the train will be attended by an attendant, who will supply the bedding (one pillow, one set of bed sheets and a blanket) to each passenger after 8 pm and will collect all items around 8 in the morning next day. The 2nd AC sleeper class is available in all long distance trains. It is clean and not so crowded as compared to other lower classes because passengers with confirmed tickets can only travel in AC classes. We recommend to travel in 2nd AC sleeper class, if 1st AC sleeper is not available specially those who are on leisure travel. 

The third best class on Indian Railways is 3rd AC sleeper class which is similar to 2nd AC. It has three berths - upper, middle and lower - arranged in row of six on one side of the aisle, and row of two (upper and lower) on the other side of the aisle. The 3rd AC sleeper class is more crowded than 2nd AC as number of berth are more in 3rd AC. 3rd AC sleeper compartment doesn’t have curtain for privacy as in the case of 2nd AC. It also doesn’t have individual berth lights as in 2nd AC sleeper coach. Yes, bedding is distributed by attendant as in 2nd AC coach. 

AC Executive chair car is available on all tourist train called `Shatabdi Express’. Executive Chair car are spacious and has more leg rooms for comfortable journey. AC Chair class is comfortable seating cars and is available in all Rajdhani, Shatabdi Express as well as in Jan Shatabdi Express including inter-city express trains. 

2nd NON AC Sleeper class is available on all trains except Rajdhani, August Kranti and Shatabdi Express, Jan Shatabdi & inter-city trains. It is very popular among the majority of the population as it is very economical even on long distances. It consists of open plan berths with upper, middle and lower bunks in row of six on one side and row of two (upper and lower berth) on the other side of the aisle. Bedding is not provided in 2nd NON AC compartment. , Since 2nd non ac sleeper class is not expensive, it is available on all long-distance trains except some of the premier train such as 'Rajdhani & Auguts Kranti Express' trains. Sleeper class can be quite crowded (although in theory all berths must be reserved, so it can't get overcrowded), and it's fairly grubby and basic. On the other hand, you get a better view of the countryside then in AC coaches, where the windows are sealed, tinted, and sometimes dirty. In summer, there are fans on the ceiling and a breeze from the windows. In winter, wrap up warm at night and take a sleeping bag and fleece, as it can get cold. Sleeper class is used by the more adventurous backpackers, who are prepared to take the rough with the smooth...

Not all but some long distance trains does have unreserved 2nd class compartments with wooden seats. Tickets for this class is available few hours before the train leaves and is on first cum first basis.

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